Improvements at DippingBird and other stuff

We’ve generally been fixing and tweaking things on the site this week, changes made to speed up the site and to adapt more smoothly to changing screen sizes (desktop/smartphone/iPad etc), adding a help desk page and other mods to the design. We’ve recently also been testing an Amdroid app and hope to release it within 1 or 2 weeks. I looks pretty similar to the website, that’s by intention, we’re looking at the apps as a optional way of using the site. Some peoole, myself included, love the ‘ease of access’ of hitting an app icon and getting straight to business, so we’re working on bringing that to you, as an option.

I got a fascinating comment to the post I wrote about the idea of ‘Yoga in Space’. The comment was from Robert McCoy and referenced a piece Robert wrote, about the actual experience of doing Yoga in Space, you can read it here, on Reality Sandwich: // It presents a very optimistic view of space travel, and given that no doubt the number of people visiting space will mushroom in the coming years, it’s an idea that might be worth hanging onto.

Facebook users who are into current Yoga philosophy should check out Bob Weisenberg’s facebook page ‘The Best of Yoga Philosopy’ at // He manages to find all the best written and inspiring pieces, such as this one, on Barry Gillespie’s essay on ‘equanimity’: //

For no particular reason, just to pretty-up the post, a beautiful yantra, of the fascinating goddess Dhumavati, below,
Shanti, Peter

Dhumavati Yantra
Dhumavati Yantra

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