Flute Music for Yoga

I used to be a bit ‘spartan’ doing yoga without music at home. But I’ve gone over to the other side now 😉 and see a lot of benefits. There’s the obvious mood setting, and increasingly I realize it is a useful signal to any others in the household that you’re doing yoga! One thing that put me off before was digging around for suitable music, trying out different new agey things and certain types of classical music. I don’t really like new age ‘synthesizer drone’ music and other music can set my mind off thinking about it, making connections (I’m a musician which might make that worse).

I go to an amazing local mindful meditation group led by a guy called Tod, we do conventional meditation but also walking meditation and various outdoor practices in the foothills of the beautiful San Gabriel mountain range we have here in northern Los Angeles. Tod is an expert flute player and plays a variety of flutes e.g. North American Indian flute and this serves well to initensify the mood act as a focal point for the group, especially useful outside. There aren’t many other instruments that could work like that – saxophone for instance, would be a non-starter.

So I’ve come to use flute music as a go-to for meditation, without having to thing about it. I don’t wear the clothes, but I do like to keep the Indian cultural association with yoga going – hence this site with its emphasis on Sanskrit. There is a long and beautiful heritage of meditative Indian music to draw upon – and websites like YouTube make it so easy to access. I practiced to this wonderful hour long meandering Indian-style flute solo, with a hint of synth drone, which works very well. You’re welcome to join me this week, in some kind of global ‘mind share’ listening to this piece this week!…

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