DippingBird is Hatched!

The idea of the DippingBird site came from my own need to supercharge my pose-learning (more on that later). Initially I made it so it was quite like an ‘App’. I’m not especially keen on the App idea, it seems to me a better idea to just make a website that works well on mobile platforms as well as PC’s and Macs (that being said – if it glitches up on your particular platforms, please let me know!).

Having thought about what might help me it was natural to think it might help you and the Yoga community at large, and thus, here we are.

I’ve practiced yoga, to greater and lesser extents for around 40 years (gulp!), originally learning in front of the TV in England from a series by Richard Hittleman, which, looking back was done very nicely and authentically. Props to RH! I combined it with Transcendental Meditation in the early 2000’s (Vedantic meditation basically) and took my Yoga more seriously from the late 90’s onward and have greatly benefited.

I’m now thinking of widening the scope of DippingBird a little and extending the gameplay/quiz format to do things like helping people recognise poses just by the look of them (i.e. just an image of the pose) and vice-versa. Hope it doesn’t seem too clinical – my thoughts are that if this knowledge is easily summoned up it just helps yoga classes and sessions run more smoothly and (not sure about this word..) – effortlessly.

If you’ve tried any of the lessons and have any views about how they can be improved, or have any feedback of any kind don’t hesitate to get in touch!



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